Why our kids should take risks—sometimes even (slightly) dangerous ones

Posted On: 5/16/2018 1:59 PM

A group of junior high school students in roman costumes perform a class play"When it comes to kids, being overprotective can actually increase their anxiety, both for young children and college-aged youth, according to a recent report in Psychology Today. “Kids are very nervous today—they have a lot of anxiety,” says child development specialist Rebecca Weingarten. As an education consultant and specialist in New York City, she talks to a lot of kids, parents and educators about the importance of taking risks. It’s up to parents, she says, to take the lead.

“We need to promote constructive failure,” says Weingarten. “Kids can’t be afraid to face the normal repercussions associated with taking risks.”

Read more at Today's Parent - April 16, 2018
Photo credit: Waldorf School of Bend


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