Ten Reasons Middle Schoolers Don't Need Social Media

Posted On: 5/9/2018 11:15 AM

Two middle school students holding magnets, testing the effects of polarity, while their class looks on.Of particular note:

"7. Social media replaces learning the hard social "work" necessary for success.
The use of social media greatly lessens opportunities requiring children to practice dealing face-to-face with their peers, a skill they need to master to be successful in real life.

8. Social media can cause teens to lose connection with family.
They view “friends” as their foundation and since the brain is still being formed, they need healthy family attachment more than with their peers. It is just as important now as when they were preschoolers.

9. Social media use represents lost potential for teens.
The teen’s brain development is operating at peak performance for learning new things. Studies show that it is nearly impossible for them to balance it all and teens waste too much time and too much of their brain in a digital world."

Read more at TODAY Parenting Team - February 27, 2018
Photo credit: Waldorf School of Lexington


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