Why Creativity Is Just As Important As Literacy

Posted On: 3/30/2018 1:32 PM

A young person creatively uses a sled to haul branches to a compost pile."Creativity is also the means by which humans of all ages make an impact on the world and other people around them. A lot of heavy stuff is going to go down in our kids' lifetime, and their generation will need to imagine and implement solutions to big and very complicated problems.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity are the three most important skills a child will need to thrive. Furthermore, creativity jumped from 10th place to third place in only the past five years. And, although our kids are still far from public office or the boardroom, today's political and business leaders worldwide already point to creativity as the most important leadership quality for the future."

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Photo credit: Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School


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