Growing Up With Waldorf School

Posted On: 3/21/2018 1:03 PM

Rainbow over school building“The Waldorf curriculum incorporates so much movement!,” said Emily Butler, IWS director of school administration. “The students need a large space in which to both expand and contract: to run and skip but also to tiptoe. The range of movement is so important in the development of math and literacy skills, as the children move to multiplication tables and complex prose.”

Part of the construction was the addition of the “Great Room,” a large, open room with wood floors and high ceilings where the school can hold assemblies and the students can perform plays. In the morning the children start their day by singing together in the room.

Butler said the Great Room is utilized every day. “It’s getting used all the time to bring movement to the lessons. In addition, Waldorf is a very social form of education, so we will be using the space to host concerts, academic lectures, community dinners, and also as a place for student presentations and dramatic productions.”

For a school like Waldorf that puts so much emphasis on music and dance, the ability to gather in one spacious room is especially important. At every grade level, music is interwoven throughout the students’ day. Even math concepts like multiplication tables and counting by twos are taught with a song."

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Photo credit: Ithaca Waldorf School


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