Waldorf Curriculum: Children Thrive and Learn Better in Play-Based Kindergarten

Posted On: 3/19/2018 3:19 PM

Teacher helping kindergartner fill a muffin cup with batter"Waldorf teachers understand the now scientifically-proven importance of unstructured free play for the developing young child. They understand children need, and are given, large segments of time for play both indoors and outdoors. Free-play is an opportunity to stretch the child’s imagination, a time to explore the boundaries of the social experience, to process what they’ve seen, heard or thought in a healthful, full-body way. It is where the foundations of creativity are built.

With free play as the main stage for social skills development, the teachers actively work with the children on enhancing their social graces throughout the day. Much time is devoted to working through conflicts and allowing other children space to feel their feelings. It is important for every child to feel heard and seen. Waldorf teachers see conflict as a healthy opportunity to brush off rough edges and to learn more about one another’s feelings."


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