Exploring the Benefit Mindset

Posted On: 3/1/2018 5:14 PM

Kids in a flower garden pulling weeds, one boy holds a shovel."Benefit mindset takes the strong seeds of self-belief and self-improvement that growth mindset sows and brings them to fruition in ways that enhance not only one’s own life but the lives of others as well. According to benefit mindset theorist Ash Buchanan, it is “a purpose-driven mindset that is redefining success from being the best in the world, to being the best for the world.” Examining how our attitudes and actions affect others leads us to make conscious and conscientious decisions based on mutual advantage.

Teaching empathy is only a first step. As schools and colleges increasingly require evidence of student service and leadership, we can transform what may begin as extracurricular obligations into enthusiastic, everyday acts of altruism. Without explicit examples and frequent feedback, however, students may be unclear about how to turn their mindsets into action.

Here are four ways teachers can inspire their students to act in ways that break down the divisions between me and we, as students simultaneously become an asset to themselves, to others, and to this planet we share."


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