Connection Precedes Learning and Self-regulation

Posted On: 2/16/2018 3:28 PM

Holding hands"For teachers to connect with their students they need to be given the permission and space to connect to what is true within—their intuition, their imagination, their impulse to improvise and follow. Their joy is directly connected to the children’s joy. The more teachers genuinely enjoy teaching, the more students will likely enjoy learning. The more teachers can have the freedom to flow with what is happening in the classroom, the more they can make learning come alive."

"We forget sometimes that we are relational beings. We thrive in community, in relationship to animals, to nature as a whole. And we grow and develop through our relationships with others, namely our primary caregivers. Our self-esteem, our sense of place in the world, and our nervous system are dependent on those delicate bonds with others, especially in the formative years."

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