The True Purpose of Preschool

Posted On: 2/5/2018 12:11 PM

Hands of a preschooler paring an apple“Our five and six-year-olds need this final year of experiential learning. They have important work to do. It is essential that children not be rushed out of constructive, intrinsically driven and imaginative learning in the final year of early education. If they are rushed into a 2D academic experience, they will forever miss the opportunity to develop the neurological pathways and connections they need for deeper academic learning later in the grades.”

Waldorf Early Childhood expert educator, Kasea Myers, clarifies by saying, “This, their kindergarten year, is the year they have built enough stamina to delve into the complicated and detailed world of negotiation among peers, navigation of deeper story lines of play and building more pathways and connections in the brain around attention span, impulse control, social skills and personal esteem development… to name only a few. Academics a year too early means those learning opportunities are forever missed.”"

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Photo credit: The Waldorf School of Philadelphia


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