Why Toddlers Deserve More Respect

Posted On: 12/28/2017 12:15 PM

toddler in raingear and hat exploring woody edge of playground"“If adults experienced and enacted the full range of feelings available to an average toddler in the course of a day,” Alicia F. Lieberman writes, “they would collapse from emotional exhaustion.” But Lieberman doesn’t view this range of emotions as the toddler’s downside. She sees toddlers as complex, compassionate human beings, and she has dedicated her life’s research to helping adults understand the feelings and the logic behind the most seemingly ridiculous or wild toddler behaviors.
"Take the time to look at toddlers, to observe and give them time, and really process what it is that toddlers are showing us, because they are so capable of empathy, cooperation, collaboration. And, on the other side, tantrums. They are just like us.”"

Read more in The Atlantic - December 13, 2017
Photo credit: Green Meadow Waldorf School


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