New guidelines released on physical activity, sleeping habits for children

Posted On: 12/6/2017 3:53 PM

Bundled-up children making a mudpie"According to the guidelines, children less than one year old should be physically active several times a day, including at least 30 minutes of tummy time spread throughout the day. They should not spend more than an hour restrained, such as in a high chair, and should get plenty of sleep: 14 to 17 hours for children three months of age or less, and 12 to 16 hours for kids four to 11 months old. Those numbers include naps.

Kids ages one to four should move at least 180 minutes per day, including heart-pumping, energetic play, with kids three to four years old getting at least one hour of such play every day.

Toddlers one to two years old should get 11 to 14 hours of good-quality sleep, while preschoolers should get 10 to 13 hours per day, with consistent bedtimes and wake-up times for both.

Kids two years old and younger shouldn't be spending any sedentary time with screens, and two- to four-year-olds should have no more than one hour of screen time per day, according to the guidelines."

Read more at The Globe and Mail - November 20, 2017
Photo credit: Waldorf School of Lexington


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