What I Have Learned About Waldorf and Being Human Between Ages 6-40

Posted On: 10/30/2017 1:21 PM

A row of watercolor paints on a desk between two canvasses being painted in stripes of color"I remember when my son was in second grade and other parents in his class were so worried about reading. The students didn’t yet know how to read, and the parents wondered whether Waldorf education would actually prepare their children for success in life. I felt so lucky because I didn’t have any of those worries. I’d been through the education, and I’d watched my students go through the education, and I knew without doubt that this was the best possible education my son could have. I also learned as a parent that children don’t tell us everything that happens in the classroom, so how could my fellow parents possibly know how amazing this education is? This is why I’ve agreed to share my story—with the hope that these reflections from my experiences as a student, teacher, parent, and administrator can help you understand what makes this education so amazing."
~ Shanti McCarter

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Photo credit: Portland Waldorf School


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