When Adult Perceptions of Risk Result in Real Bans on Children’s Play

Posted On: 9/26/2017 4:08 PM

Four school girls climbing a large tree"Remove rocks, trees and hills. Decrease recess and lunchtime allocated, and definitely don’t allow children out in the rain, heat or cold. Increase structured programming in the critical hours of after school and on the weekend. Increase academic pressures at increasingly early ages. Ban sledding, climbing, running, holding sticks or dirt, and playing on the only play structure on the school ground in case of snow or ice (which, in many parts of Canada, is about half of the school year).

...Increasingly, we are pushing an adult aesthetic, as well as our unfounded and perceived fears onto childhood. And we are shaking our heads wondering why children struggle in school? Why aren’t they engaged inside and outside the classroom? Why they’re online and using their tablets whenever they can? They’re bored, and it’s our fault.

...Children, when deprived of stimulating play environments, do not thrive."

Read more at Child & Nature Alliance - September 2017


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