David & Goliath & 6th Grade

Posted On: 8/31/2017 2:50 PM

statue of David preparing to fight Goliath"Like all teachers, I use my summers to prepare for the coming year. Because I teach a new grade each year, there is much to be done. I always take a course or two that covers the curriculum and child development with other teachers of the same grade. My summers are consumed with what needs to be prepared, though it is always thoroughly enjoyable.

This summer, I found a class for rising sixth and seventh grade Waldorf teachers taking place in Italy. Since Roman History and Renaissance are an integral part of the curriculum, what better setting than Rome and Florence? Our small group walked, toured, explored and immersed itself in the history and magnificence that is everywhere in Italy. Of course, the age, the beauty, the history, the architecture were truly awe-inspiring but there were other moments that will impact my teaching this year even more."


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