The Courage of Refusal

Posted On: 8/8/2017 1:01 PM

"We cannot have everything, much less everything at all times. This simple fact is ignored by our society and yet it cannot be avoided by any tricks, be they ever so clever. ...

Greater leisure in the life of our children is not achieved through the optimisation of space and time but through the decision to make do with less. Goethe called it renunciation. That is difficult. The super excellent pupil who plays one or two instruments to a very high standard, excels at sport, trains daily in the paddock and does ballet on alternate days – that is the model. And when all those things don’t work out then a social safety net has to kick in which deals with the deficits from the bottom up with extra tuition, provision to keep the children occupied and learning support for social behaviour. And this in the children’s leisure time."

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